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Have you ever decided one day, just randomly, to design Africa (the country) and represent African lifestyle in designs? Well No worries! This guide is for you! We at Getz decided to give you a small guide on how to design African things. Because it’s that easy. In these easy steps, you will know how to develop designs that speak of the complex but simple nature of African art. How different can it be… Right?

Step 1: Africa!

You know how there are fifty-four countries in the continent…. FORGET ABOUT IT! You don’t need them! Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, Mali, Morocco, Egypt, Zaire… They don’t matter for shit! Because they have the same traditions. The very same.

Step 2: Africa Print

Africans, are exactly the same. So, you don’t have to worry about identifying nuances, cultures and language differences. NO. That’s like so..much work… Besides… like stated above it’s ONE COUNTRY! Rule of thumb: AFRICA PRINT, “Jungle patterns” “Leopard patterns”

Step 3: Must include Safari

There is also the matter of the setting. If it’s a film. There must be a savannah in the background and if there are designs, ask yourself, would this be in the lion king? (Great movie. So timeless.) If there’s one thing that describe Africa well, it’s Disney.

Step 4: Background music

You know that background music you hear every time an African movie plays. You know, the one where you hear it and immediately it makes you think “Mama Africa!”. Because again, no difference. Your designs, pictures, film, art must evoke it.

Step 5: The People

If you have to portray the people, don’t forget to add huts, mud houses, worn out sandals, dry lands, very skinny people, AK 47s. You know to let people know about the situation in Africa. And every time an African achieves anything… champion that person like you’d champion a monkey at the zoo. So surprising that an African would do this? So surprising? (breathe… you’re almost done… you’re almost done…).

Final Step: Random Swahili Words 

Enjuba. Kipawa. These words and more like these are the simple ways, wise Africans communicate (note wise not educated) to the people. Such profound meaning, so little words. There you have it folks. Africa in Design!

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