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I am Binyam W. Adenew a CG artist and ASTU Bachelor’s degree graduate majored in architectural engineering. Currently working on visual arts and trying to express ideas and stories through paintings, sculptures… I chose this medium because it aligned perfectly with my skills and it allows me to tell stories and give flesh to moments that are meant to be
narrated. It also helped me have ” eyes wide open” because “learning to draw is learning to see”


I didn’t develop my skills formally. I never attended school for it. It was an education that emanated from my surroundings, my challenges, and the choices I’ve made.

However, my fate was sealed before I was even conceived. My father was also an artist, always in the background guiding
me to where I am today. I am a legacy. And I intend to continue my legacy through the technology available to me.

Inspiration & Process

My inspiration comes from my dad mainly and studying the old masters. Almost every project has the same flow but different approaches.

It can be summed up as
. Concept creation
. References of previous similar projects if there’s are any
. Background and history research
. Lots of sketches as in Brainstorming
. Decide on which sketch to detail and start building the composition to fit the concept.

For complex perspectives, I try to blackout the 3d environment to allow more angles and start working on the value. Then I try to add the color, depending on the project and the feelings I want to provoke in the viewer. Finally, I just add details and I’m done.


In any field, challenges are the one constant. However, here, what makes it a bit complex is the fact that the dominating components are intangible ideas, concepts, stories, and feelings. This makes it harder to deliver your intended message.
It is less challenging today as people are more open, understanding and appreciative of artistic endeavors. Technological advancements do help as well. In the end, optimism, smart and hard work is the way to go.

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