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My name is GEREMEW TIGABU, a passionate street photographer based in Addis. I believe that the streets of Addis hide many secrets waiting to be scavenged. This passion has led me to present what I love at the Addis Foto Fest 2016, become one of the winners at the 2017 “celebrate Africa photography competition”. My work was also published on the guardian.


To name quite a few,
– Consistent ill-treatment of photography by security forces,
– Government “reluctance” to support creatives
– Understanding that being photographed in an open space is okay And so on…

Black & White

I chose black and white as a medium because I’m obsessed with old photographs. The black and white also helps clear the clutter and my photos send a clear message thanks to it. The interaction between humans and their shadows also fascinated me. I feel like, shadows are self-reflection, mirror-like to their people. They don’t lie, they magnify people. I believe they have truths to tell about the human soul. It’s interesting.


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