Yeha Digital Art Experience

Here at GETZ, we are glad that the YEHA digital experience happened before Covid-19 and that we got to experience something unique and met so many creatives around Ethiopia. It felt like a once in a life-time thing and we hope to see it next year.

The part that struck a chord with us, aside from the response we’ve got from people (made our hearts melt like butter on toast), was the sheer appreciation people have for something new, something fresh and something honest.

There were locally made games that were so much fun to play and were in our languages. The digital paintings reflected things you’d see everyday in Ethiopia from the bizarre relationship people have with coffee to the sad reality women face. There were adorable animated sequences that were as unique as they were funny. Safe to say, the event was something to witness and we were glad to be a part of it.

The Collab duo who organized this, Dagmawi and Nasraddin, really pulled it off simply because they did this for the love and fun of it. It’s something that is rare and something that is awesome to witness.

Lots of love for these two and Yeha.

The digital space is growing and will continue to grow and we can’t wait to see where it goes.


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