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Yikunoeamlak Ayalew | Ge’ez Fonts | Ethiopian Font

Yikunoeamlak is a graphics designer and architect based in Ethiopia. He began his creative work at the EiABC in Ethiopia, where he graduated with an architecture degree. He is currently running a business, Ge’ez fonts. This business focuses on modernizing and diversifying Ethiopian visual art in the digital world with a special focus on typography. The Getz Team reached to Yikunoamlak to find about more about him and the work he does.


Monolithic Architecture | Ethiopian Architecture

Mostly associated with the ancient world, monolithic structures are buildings that are carved, cast, or excavated from a single piece of material. Immovable reminders that civilizations once excelled at architecture. Either through slave labor, aliens, or pure technical marvels these structures defy the capabilities of mankind and were the epitome of technology back then.