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I find myself being inspired by everything around me, particularly in everyday situations and conversations. I like drawing people with happiness and attitude (and an afro for very obvious reasons), I leave smiles and happiness in my characters because I feel what I am drawing deeply affects me. So I try to convey personalities that make me and my audience feel happy, confident and independent. Other than a few months at the Abyssinia art school, I taught myself the skills I need. Interest and initiative are what matter the most. That being said, my educational background has helped me figure out what I want to be and what I want to do.

Creative Process

My process can be broken down into fun, tension, and agony. Just like Christoph Niemann puts it in this aptly descriptive diagram.

My journey as a creative is just beginning. I am still experimenting with what I really enjoy doing which I believe comes with experience. Much like Skateboarding (yes I skateboard), it’s all about learning control and taking the risk of falling.

Creative Ethiopia

Some people amongst the Ethiopian community assume I have an automatic “draw this” button on my computer and often underplay the effort it takes to come up with something original. That can be exhausting. And if, like me, you just want to be and express you and your ideas with authenticity that puts a damper on things.

Hopes & Dreams

I want to become a character designer in the film industry. But in the meantime, I want to illustrate books and do animation films for children. I find telling illustrated stories deeply enjoyable.


In most of my work, I use the direct form of expression but I do sometimes use abstract expression if the idea or emotion I am trying to express requires it. As long as I’ve done my best to convey what I intended, then I don’t mind my audience putting their own spin on it. In the end that’s what art is, something to be interpreted, something that distracts us from reality and allows us to express and discover ourselves. That’s why it’s important.

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