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Quickly after graduating from Addis Ababa University (EiABC), I joined and have been working for one the biggest Architectural firms in Addis Ababa. Throughout my experience, I have been associating myself in the creative architectural design and construction sector which, I believe, has enhanced my motivation to pursue my carrier in this sector. I have always been interested in architecture and construction and always had a dream to leave my mark on the field. I believe that I have built a strong knowledge base around it.

Inspiration & Creativity

Inspiration =
right time + right place + notepad

creativity =
inspiration + perspiration

Creative Process

From our history, we have learnt that the hard working society during the periods 1th-4th century BC, 8th, 10th, 11th ,12th,15th , 16th and 17th century BC already set very high standards in the architectural design and the creative world. Despite all this wonderful and extremely different monumental structures we tend to forget, we are not even sure of what is expected of us. I believe that the high standard set by our ancestors should be seen as a challenge to motivate us and reach the quality of work once again.

Personal Challenge

The personal challenges I faced during my 2 years architectural profession would be adapting to the professional practice
right after being graduated. The Professional practice in our country is somehow old fashioned and seeks unnecessarily
high level of effort by studio staff. Although this day’s most Design studios are trying to follow a more organized project
delivery system which could really pave a bright future.


I own a company called TOB finishing Plc, which is highly associated in the architectural design and finishing works of a building. I handle projects by taking sub-contracts for the finishing phase including interior designs. In addition to this, I take short courses related to my business which I believe can enhance the quality of production we deliver.
On the other hand, me and two close friends own a company called DSD design plc, working as a main distributor of Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) for Ethio-Telecommunication. We basically install a digital payment system including airtime (mobile card) for Institutions, sub-distributors and retailers.


A new Mercato:
If you’re a market lover, one place you can’t miss when you visit Addis Ababa is Mercato. It’s considered Africa’s biggest market, an open air sprawl of vendors that goes on for kilometers. It’s one of those markets that weaves in all directions and you never know what you’re going to stumble into or what you’re going to find. At the market there’s a section for just about anything you can imagine.

The Design

The concept of the project is to make the cafe grasp the memories of the 60’s and 70’s Merkato and the city of addis ababa. By doing as such, it also tries to expose the longstanding tradition of coffee which dates back to dozens of centuries.

If you drink coffee and feel energitic, and if merkato is full of life and energy, then by merging the two ideas we can creating a vibrat space and achive the grasping of the memoriable merkato.

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