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I am a self-thought 3d artist, unless you count Youtube. I learned loads from tutorial videos I found there. I don’t think schooling is necessary for my medium. Even if one wanted to, it’d be hard to find one in Ethiopia. The internet is a great resource. It’s up to us to use it.

Creative Process

I get my inspirations from Hollywood movies, Games, Disney and Pixar Animations they are the best in what they do so i have to learn from the best to be the best artist. I’m very interested in CGI, VFX & Animation. I usually come up with a list of things I want to create which in turns, forces me to research and motivate me to pursue it further. I will then give myself a deadline to finish this project.

it’s a lot of work and I get tired of it sometimes. Siting the whole day staring at a screen can be tedious. Sometimes what I visualize and what comes out are two different things. I try to go out and come back to renew my energy.


Hopes & Dreams

If I have the chance and resources my designs will take the Ethiopian film industry to the next level. We can get where other countries are right now like Bollywood & Hollywood. I believe a collaboration between artists can help us get there. We are losing our culture by watching others. We try to emulate foreign cultures. I hope to create films that are promoting our norms and values. Especially young children. I am also trying to complete a short animated film for kids.

Creative Ethiopia

It was hard to find a common people that can understand my struggles and also collaborate. As an artist you need that. There is a community that is forming, so that’s good. Also in Ethiopia it’s hard to get an internet connection it’s also very expensive. So life attending the school of YouTube wasn’t cheap or easy. Gadgets that can support an artists are strangely overpriced and access to them limited.


I freelance to earn money. However, it’s a challenge. I don’t have degrees and certification to facilitate that. So I resort to freelance Ethiopia. A telegram channel that posts stuff. Having a good network helps as well. Friends do send me work every now and then.

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