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I’m Tewodros Girma but people mostly know me as Ted Girma and I’m a final year computer science student at HiLCoE. I’m a self-taught freelance photographer as well. But I have to I say Google and YouTube are the best schools out there for any creative. My collaborations with Samson Sileshi taught me a lot. I chose photography because it is very intimate and it’s all about preserving a moment and trying to tell a story in just one immovable frame.

Creative Process

My creative process starts with an idea (I run it by a couple of my friends for feedback). I usually try to say something with my images so I want to ensure that my message transfers. I will then move on to decide what type of photography best describes my message. Then, I just take my pictures and edit them.


I have this ongoing project called the city with in us, it’s about how our city and the places we grow up in can affect our way of thinking our way of life style. I decided to tell the stories of young people in my age group. People in their 20’s

Creative Ethiopia

There are a lot of challenges creatives face in Ethiopia. For starters, camera equipment usually costs an arm and a leg. Sometimes, there are security concerns when doing projects in certain areas. Like how the police ask you what you are doing when you’re just doing a photo walk session. I hope to see these problems solved in the future and create an environment where any creative can work without the unnecessary obstacles.


I generate income by freelancing for various companies and projects with my best friend and business partner Samson Sileshi. We work together on various projects in and out of Addis. We price clients based on the value we add.

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