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As a child, I was a bit difficult because of my curiosity to find out how things were made or become what they are, which usually ended up with me destroying stuff or trying to put things together. This part of me along with my obsession with art made me who I am today. I am an Architect but I focus on branding and digital marketing for various corporate companies and entertainment sectors.

Although I didn’t take any classes specifically on media and marketing, my training in architecture gave me essential tools I use every day. In fact, Architecture was more than a field for me, it was rather a life experience and I’ve loved it from
an early age. But the drive that I have for graphics / Digital arts has taken over everything and has made me decide to pursue it professionally, against all odds. 


Basically, my work focuses on how to uplift the standard of an establishment in the aspect of branding and marketing. This, of course, differs from one organization to another but the common thing all my work has is the process.

I starts with finding out the context of the company or establishment, their potential, and weaknesses, followed by up to six months of strategizing in which I interpret all the study with the goal of a creative, scheduled execution plan. That’s when the art takes over, after this, it all depends on the creativity of presenting it and conscious observation of the reactions on every platform.


Creative Ethiopia

There is no doubt it is very difficult to work in our country, but I also believe that there is a huge potential to make an impact, perhaps more here than anywhere else. Now, because of market competition people are understanding the significance of the field thus leading to positive perspectives towards different creative ways of advertising. Even if there
is a demand, there is still a big challenge when it comes to awareness; most people choose to duplicate what they have seen instead of creating something new, which kills the motivation and creativity of the talent pool, as well as the business sector itself. I hope to see two main things in the near future: one is to see a more advanced and more knowledgeable society that can understand the value of creatives, and also contribute to the process. And two, to see talents in every creative sector working together because they understand that building the creative sector comes before competing with one another. After all there is a lot more demand than any of us can handle.

Consumerism & Art

To begin with Art is not a luxury. In fact, art and consumerism can work beautifully hand in hand. In my perspective, the basic principle of art is the same as design, it’s a solution to a question, or to an idea. Through time like any other evolution, it becomes what it is now but still, the basics is the same. The intention is never to satisfy everyone; any creative work targets a certain topic or demographic. Using art as a marketing tool of course is a very effective way as we all are witnessing. And Indeed, the rise of empires since the early ages till this time is often based on the idea of consumerism in direct relation with ART. I believe that without Art, the world as we know it would not exist. Every position has its own good and bad impact, but for me Art is the lifeblood of any culture and thus should not take the position of critic against consumption and consumerism.

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