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My name is Luna Solomon. I am an Architect/Social Media Manager/Photographer/Event coordinator/Radio host/Dancer/Entertainer. I like being involved in as much as I can both in volunteering and in my profession. I am sociable, driven and passionate; I strongly believe that the smallest nice things we do make rippling effect and eventually come back to us. I live by the quote “Be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle.” Yes, I am a self-taught creative. I do believe the lessons I got through college enhanced my creativity and imagination. But I had to introduce myself to all the passions I currently follow. I really enjoy being creative and introducing myself to new things. That’s how you find your calling. It’s how I found mine at least.


Inspiration comes from a lot of places and people for me. But If I had to pick my biggest inspiration it is my mother. I grew up watching my mom give up so much but find her calling. And through the process she never once showed sadness or regret. Even though, she has faced many hardships she never allows that to get her down. She pushes forward to the next thing. She fails but she gets back up over and over and over… That’s inspirational x`to me.

Random Acts of Processes 

I have also learned that my best work comes when I don’t really care about the outcome, when I am just messing around with the videos or pictures. True creativity requires a willingness to play with the raw materials, whether those materials are words, paint, pixels, and fabric, whatever! I have no process honestly, I just do what I love and at the end of the day I set goals, I visualize them and finally I work to get them. One thing that helps me is my ‘vision board’, yup I have a vision board. I post all the things I want to attract; I have all my goals and dreams on my board. I always look at them and that helps me attract them in to my life.

Random Acts of Kindnesses

I would go on and on about all the projects I have in mind but one simple project I am currently introducing on my social media platforms is my Random Acts of Kindness project. As I mentioned above, we all go through our day rushing from activity to activity coming across so many people. We encounter good and kind people or mean and rude people. All those interactions affect how we deal with the next person and the next… so why not break the bad vibe cycle with a second of kindness.

It might seem like an insignificant action but this will make or break the next person you meet. So, as a movement I started posting some acts of kindness people can do throughout their day. Not difficult things but just things that we might not be used to.

Challenges, Hopes & Dreams

In Ethiopia our school systems whole concept of education is a form of mandatory sentence, meant to be served and chosen, or we fail, not just in academia, but as a member of a family, community, and life. This made learning no longer motivated by the search for knowledge, but rather by fear. So, we do all what we can to make it. This makes us lose any passion of pursuing the life we want. The system is set out in such a way that it makes us lose all the passion we had going in. This forces graduates to settle for jobs rather than pursue careers they love.

I want the next generation of youth to be enrolled in a system that will provide both spiritual and physical education, so they would use these to contribute meaningfully without having to give up on their passions for careers that are “acceptable” to the community or family members. I think it is much better now, people are more accepting of some career choices we are making but the system needs to create a variety of opportunities for students coming out of high schools.

Consumerism, Art & Happiness

Due to the mass production of art, it has transcended beyond its function as a specialized field of humanism for better or
worse. I will leave this for argument but whether it’s for better or worse art has changed and we can either keep up or sit
back and think of all we have lost.

I would not say it’s been affected but again consumerism has already infiltrated most if not all the platforms we use these days and it is almost impossible to be original.

I try to stick to what I believe is the level of quality I want to put out there but at the end of the day the consumers are part of why I produce content. And I think quality matters for an artist obviously but in the current social media world quantity will get you noticed as well. I really believe we shouldn’t be affected by all these factors, do what makes you happy, that’s what I do!

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