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My Name is Tigist Yoseph Ron, i’m Married with 3 kids. I was born in the city of Gondar in Ethiopia in 1977 and immigrated to Israel in 1984. I am a graphic designer and illustrator by profession and a graduate of the Visual Communications Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design In Jerusalem.

Over the past decade, I have designed, illustrated, and photographed for a variety of companies and studied drawing and painting with artists Zvika Lachman and David Nipo. I participated in exhibitions in Israel and abroad, among them a duo exhibit in Addis Ababa. I am going to have a solo exhibition in Tel Aviv museum of art this summer. I mainly work with natural charcoal on paper. I love the simplicity and softness that charcoal can create.


The main themes in my work are femininity, motherhood, and parenthood. I draw people and moments that touch or touched my heart, such as gestures of the affinity between mothers and their children, families, and friends. The starting point for my works generally is a person I am close to, but as the process progresses, the specific identity of the person is slightly obscured in order to emphasize the movement and rhythm that are created. Sometimes the way the light falls on a figure or strong emotions lead me to place more emphasis on the relations between the shapes and forms in the drawing. At the same time, it is important to me that the picture not be completely abstract; it is important that the figures or situations be sufficiently identity able to convey the story and emotion in the initial impression.

Black & White

Working in black and white helps me focus on the story, emotions, and sense of light.

Truth & Art

EVERYTHING is relative especially the arts and creativity. It is very subjective be- cause there are so many ways to self-expression each one according to one’s de- sires and thoughts. There are no absolute truths. Art is dynamic and keeps changing all the time.


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