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Born and raised in Addis, I try to make every moment worth living and learning from. I enjoy fresh air, meeting people and connecting with others through stories. I earned my BSc in Architecture and currently working on interior design at EY int.

Over the past few years, I shifted my interest to the world of digital art. I saw this interview on the tv show Talk to Life and I was able to meet my mentor and a good friend Ermias Assefa the pixel shaker. The interview was just what I needed to open my eyes. I saw his art pieces and they were fascinating. Especially how he conveys information in his own way. A mix of funny ,cute and sometimes weird stories. Since then, I started to see lots of video tutorials, I studied them and after that I was able to make my own digital pieces.


I try to tell stories inspired by things I relate to myself. There are times where I go back to some specific moments and feelings before making the art. I also get inspiration from movie scenes and some other artists work.


For the most part I will have a specific portion of visualization to my piece before making it. Most of the story will already be set in mind, after that I will do a rough but finished paint of it and see if my visualization can be conveyed. Then I will start creating with a new canvas from scratch. This kind of creative process will not be that appealing at the end. That’s because you only visualize what you know, it will make you shorthanded that’s when you go for reference images, movie scene and still life objects.

Creative Ethiopia

I see opportunities not challenges; I say there will be a challenge if there was a competition on the market. There is no better place than Ethiopia to practice this line of work, it’s practically an untouched surface. It’s relatively easier to get known in the industry since it’s new. There are more things to create in this type of environment. Having our diverse culture as input, there is room to create unseen things.

Creative People

Well, lazy people create stuffs to make there life easier lol. That being said, most creative minds of our time have been people who have been seen a lot. The struggle to make things easier is what forces us to be creative. if you don’t force your mind to come up with solutions to your problems then you solve nothing. When an illustrator is working on something new, he is creating a challenge for himself and somehow convey that challenge to other people in a way they’d be able to understand. That’s what makes things creative.


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