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Article written by Muzikawi

Meet the new Ethiopian music company that will take our Ethiopian creatives to the global market! Muzikawi is built on 17 years of experience in Ethiopian music culture combined with 25 years of international music industry experience. Every week from April 1st and throughout 2022 we will present 16 artists and more than 100 releases! The cultural organisation Selam has been committed to the advancement of Ethiopian music culture for over 17 years. In 2020 Selam birthed Muzikawi, a new music company committed to empowering the creatives of Ethiopia and strengthening the music industry in Ethiopia. 

The world has yet to discover the musical treasures of Ethiopia. We want to place Ethiopia on the global music map and give rightful credit to all Ethiopian creatives. Muzikawi wants to do things right and fair for ALL creatives of Ethiopia. We infuse international music industry standards into our business practices in order to protect the rights that many musicians, songwriters, composers, and artists may not even know they have.

“Born and raised in Ethiopia and a world traveller for the past 30 years, I hear and see how the world is globalising. I hear music from Latin America, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Vietnam, Korea and from the Balkans being played on radio and clubs all over the world. But I have always felt that the musical treasures of Ethiopia are missing on the global musical landscape.”

“Being a musician myself I feel it is important that we Ethiopian creatives should be players on the global stage and be credited for the work we do.”

Teshome Wondimu, Founder & CEO

In 2022 we will be presenting 16 Artists and more than 100 releases that will be accessible to everyone in the world thanks to our internationally established partners for copyright protection and distribution. On April 1st, 2022, you will hear our first artist release with the amazing vocalist Balkew Alemu. 

Other than our amazing artist releases in 2022 we also present what is unique for Ethiopia. 

Live & Close-up, your new digital venue for established as well as up’n’coming artists. This is our platform to show the world the diversity of Ethiopian music by presenting high-quality performances from Ethiopia. First of seven artists this year is none other than Esubalew Yetayew who will be releasing a full live concert on April 6th 2022 on our Muzikawi Youtube Channel. 

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