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Yes COVID-19 is tearing us a new one on all fronts, on some more than other but it is very important to look past this and look forward to a better time. The COVID-19 pandemic will change things and we wish for some of these charming “complexities” of creative professional life in Addis would go away.

Oh Creatives!

It’s not easy being a creative. Whatever that word means. Part of that is because of the definition that comes with being branded as creative. That’s because the term creative has been restricted to a specific type of personality and people. If you’re a painter you have to be tortured and act like society doesn’t accept your quirks, if you’re a designer you have to have some sort of hipster-like fashion sense that simply doesn’t allow you to recognize the pain that comes with wearing tight pants, if you’re a writer you’re either bald and/or own a scarf to accentuate your inner philosophy major.  Not that there is something wrong with being any of these but is that all we are?  Because, these stereotypes have hurt everyone in this sector in our country.  Instead, we would love it to be seen as professionals.


Sometimes it takes a full year for some people to get paid after having completed the job. Other times, it takes a full year to complete a job because of the back and forth. Some of the times, it takes an even longer time for a freelancer to deliver on a project because “inspiration” didn’t strike the freelancer. It’s awkward. It’s uncomfortable and infuriating for everyone involved and it has no place. This tradition of making people wait for things, provided that all conditions are normal, isn’t nice. It’s like a snake that keeps eating its tail to create an infinity sign but only ends up self-cannibalizing. It would be nice if our professional transactions would be something we remember fondly and not something we’re constantly dreading.

How about you do this for the experience?

The artist needs experience yes, but if on the 5th assignment we’re still doing things pro-bono, that’s a problem. On the flip side, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if this wave would sweep away the charming tradition of undervaluing or overestimating talent.

Careers everywhere else get you a life, Art gives you an ulcer

Only because everyone enjoys the art but doesn’t recognize the people and the effort behind it. It’s a strange space and we’re not okay with this. It’s like saying to your mother after having enjoyed a meal she prepared “I love the food but you need to get a real job!”.

COVID-19 take these along with merchants that tripled their prices on people.


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